Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft on Notable Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Chinmaya Madan

September 27, 2021

Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft on Notable Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Notable Trends in Artificial Intelligence According to Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft

Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft is an entrepreneur and artificial intelligence expert. This has afforded him the ability to help guide business owners and entrepreneurs to success. These days, he takes pride in providing them with vital information based on his own personal experience. In addition, since Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft has a background in artificial intelligence, he often provides people with tips that can allow them to leverage AI to become more productive. That said, here is a closer look at the notable trends in artificial intelligence.

Intelligent Software Modules

AI is used to help people and professionals make better, more informed decisions. Therefore, Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft believes that intelligent software modules are an artificial intelligence trend worth taking note of. Rather than relying on software that is designed to respond in certain ways, intelligent software can provide companies with the forward-thinking solutions required to propel them forward.

Moreover, in anticipation of the new intelligent software modules, many companies have started making acquisitions to give them a leg up. Of course, some industries have made more acquisitions than others. For instance, advertising and marketing companies have invested quite a bit in acquiring AI companies in recent years. Additionally, companies in retail, sales, and cybersecurity have invested in this sector as well. Therefore, another trend to look for is the fact that larger companies will start acquiring smaller ones to help optimize their profits.

Some of the most notable recent acquisitions are:

CellCarta’s acquisition of computational pathology company Reveal Biosciences.

Olive’s acquisition of Verata Health.

Nuance Communications’ acquisition of Saykara.

Valo Health’s acquisition of Numerate.

Therefore, companies who want to get ahead of the curve should start thinking about acquisitions. However, AI doesn’t necessarily add value to every business or sector. According to Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft, companies need to take the time to assess whether or not AI is the right type of technology to solve the problem at hand.

For instance, if one of the main goals is achieving better predictability, AI may not be the best solution. Rather, it may be a good idea to turn to heuristic-based solutions instead. Additionally, if the situation is one that requires full transparency, this is also not compatible with AI solutions. Lastly, if the task is not good for automation, this also makes it bad for AI.

Ethical Implications

Although artificial intelligence provides humanity with plenty of benefits, it is also not without its negatives. In particular, many people are concerned that artificial intelligence will become totally autonomous and, at some point, become a danger to humanity. Therefore, although various companies will continue to develop artificial intelligence solutions, the ethical implications will become a more central part of the process in the future.
Swarm Intelligence

The use of Artificial Neural Nets as a means of improving the effectiveness of business owners within a system is also becoming a trend in artificial intelligence. Using the concept of “adaptive business intelligence,” a type of technology that assists with problems handled by decision-makers, business owners will soon be more capable of making informed decisions that are innovative, forward-thinking and help them become more successful in the long term.

About Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft

Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft is an entrepreneur at heart who enjoys leveraging his extensive communication, analytical, and strategic thinking skills to get results. He is also passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. Therefore, Madan believes in lifelong learning, as it allows him to better serve himself and others. As an illustration of this point, Chinmaya Madan of Microsoft recently completed a master’s in AI while working full-time. He also got his PMP and completed a product management course, all in the span of 12 months. Professionals who are interested in collaborating with him or are in need of his services should contact him directly.