3 Ways Having Empathy Can Make You More Successful in the Tech Field

Chinmaya Madan

September 13, 2021

Chinmaya Madan on 3 Ways Having Empathy Can Make You More Successful in the Tech Field

Chinmaya Madan is quickly becoming a highly revered technical expert. Specifically, Madan has become quite talented at artificial intelligence analytics. However, he has honed a variety of technical skills over the years. 

Moreover, although many people think the most important trait for those who want to work in tech is intelligence, Chinmaya Madan maintains that there are more important things. 

For instance, he believes that many tech professionals would benefit by being more empathetic. Empathy, says Madan, serves as an invaluable starting point for customer obsession, that vital sense of dependency that ensures customers not only turn to your brand first, but continue to return and make repeated purchases with your business down the road.

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That said, the following is an overview of 3 ways empathy can make you more successful in the tech field.

Connect with customers

One of the top ways having empathy can help tech professionals be more successful is that it allows them to better connect with customers. Being empathetic makes it possible for tech professionals to be more understanding of their customer’s needs. It also allows them to be more personable and friendly, which can help them build long-lasting relationships and establish customer loyalty.

More Fruitful Collaborations

Another benefit of being more empathetic is that it can make for more fruitful collaborations. A major part of working in the tech field involves working with others to build products, troubleshooting, etc. This means they constantly have to be able to communicate with tech professionals from all walks of life. By having empathy, tech professionals will be able to more easily communicate and collaborate with one another.


Lastly, empathy can also be instrumental in creating a more innovative mindset. This is because empathy makes it possible to understand and anticipate the needs of others. From there, it is possible to uncover emerging needs and create new products and services that can cater to these needs. Therefore, rather than wasting tons of time and money on market research, employing more empathetic tech professionals can be an excellent way to drive innovation.

About Chinmaya Madan

As a tech professional who is quickly emerging as an expert in his field, Chinmaya Madan is becoming a well-known leader in artificial intelligence. he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with others and often provides them with unique and refreshing perspectives to fuel their success. he is highly invested in building technology solutions at scale that incorporate AI under the hood. As an entrepreneurial-minded professional, he enjoys leveraging his communication, analytical and strategic thinking skills to get results. He continues to strive to bring empathy when building new experiences and hopes to convince other tech professionals to do the same. Contact him today for collaborations and more information.